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Mental Health Support

CREST Mental Health support online workshops was delivered to raise awareness about mental health and support the BAME community during covid pandemic difficulties. I joined many sessions which helped me a lot coping with the stress from the lockdown. It was life changing for me, it did boost my self-confident and self-esteem. I met new people and made friends along, the session was very friendly and open, everybody was able to share their experiences and how they were coping the uncertain time during covid lockdown and we were helping each other while getting help too. I released that I was not alone and got inspiration about other people ‘s routine and coping strategies and lots of different ways of feeling good and taking care of my wellbeing and accept myself although I am not diagnosed with any health issues, I joined the group because I was on placement for the university, but I think I really needed it and had learnt a lot and had a very good impact on my wellbeing.

Angela Cummins, who is a therapist, was helping us to be self-empowered and to get ride of whatever is holding us back. what I have learnt is that we do not have to be positive all the time. It is perfectly okay to feel sad, angry, annoyed, frustrated, scared, and anxious. Having feelings does not make us a negative person. It makes us human and self-acceptance helps us eases our feeling of guilt and unhappiness.

Mental health awareness is important for everyone, we are not ashamed of other illness, but why mental illness. Everyone can suffer from mild to severe mental illness, do not feel awkward, let’s be more open about mental health rather than feeling isolated, ashamed and worthless.

Aziza Sharifi

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