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Crest chairs' Message

Message from the Chair ( Melanie Kinghorn)

CREST has grown exponentially under the leadership of Interim CEO Shamiso Machaya, which has led to the creation of two part – time roles of Chief and Sustainability Executive Officers (CEO & SEO).

CREST a charity that is embedded in working to address multiple and hidden barriers experienced by BAME people of all ages and established in 2004 through Home Office funding for the purposes of addressing issues of race inequality, and encouragement of community cohesion, partly in response to The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 that placed a new duty upon public institutions, to promote race equality.

Today, we would like to thank Shamiso Machaya for taking on the role of CEO (interim) following the death of founder and CEO for Compact for Race Equality in South Tyneside Shuley Alam in 2020. Shamiso continued to build on the charity vision of addressing systemic racism and helping BAME Communities to have increased life chances within South Tyneside and beyond despite having to cope with the unexpected loss of our beloved founder, adapting to working in a global pandemic and moving into new premises.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mahida Begum as our new CEO from the 1st of September 2022 and Shamiso Machaya as our Sustainable Executive Officer.

Mahida has worked in various capacities with BAME Communities through her professional career and for many years she has worked as a Community Development Worker for CREST, before evolving as a Projects/Operational Manager for the past 5 years. Mahida brings to this new role a great deal of knowledge and experience of supporting BAME communities in the Borough and beyond.

Shamiso has now been appointed as Sustainability Executive Officer for CREST and the board thank her for her significant achievements. She will continue to mentor Mahida over the next 3 years to ensure a smooth transition of roles and ensuring that the growth of CREST is held sustainably.

“As the Board of CREST we are confident that Mahida will be a CEO who will carry the charity forward and we wish her every success within her role”

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