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In Loving Memory

Shuley for over 15 years of her life dedicated her time and skills to ensure that the voices of black and ethnic minority people were heard. She has provided a place in which people of all different communities can come together and access services they might not always have access to. In 2019 Shuley was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and despite several surgeries and on-going chemotherapy Shuley continued to be involved and push through all odds for an entire year. Sadly Shuley passed away in the begin of 2020. She will always be missed and loved by the community, our partners and our staff team. Shuley was the image of strength and resilience.  As founder and CEO of CREST (Compact for Race Equality in South Tyneside), Shuley Alam has been commemorated with a Blue Plaque on Saturday, July 15. A ceremony took place outside of the CREST building, on Fowler Street, with Shuley’s family members, John McCabe, the Mayor of South Tyneside, and South Shields MP, Emma Lewell-Buck all speaking. 


The Blue Plaque for Shuley Alam on Fowler Street, in South Shields.

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