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CREST (Compact for Race Equality in South Tyneside) are a registered charity which aims to promote racial equality and to assist people from communities in South Tyneside (and further afield) to enjoy a better quality of life by supporting those in need to gain access in education, training and employment, to raise aspirations and to ensure their voice is heard.

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Join us for our new free training programme including skills for work and crafts.  Why not try our new  Chai and Chat Club for Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Men and Women aged 50 plus? Help CREST decide what else we should offer you. Go to the news page to find out more or contact CREST on 0191 4276611


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Do you have an issue? Something to get off your chest? Let Crest know by putting your issue in the box. Feel free to do this anonomously, or include contact details. We want to know what your issues are, so we can help overcome them.

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If you feel you are part of a Black, Asian and minority ethnic group, CREST is here to help and support you to enjoy a better quality of life. We have facilities, staff, and access to lots of opportunities, so make sure you get in touch.

If you are an employer then it is up to you to understand all the necessary equality legislation. CREST is here to help you with that, but also to help you to tap into a huge wealth of talent that exists in job seekers from ethnic minority groups. So make sure you get in touch to see the opportunities that lie ahead.


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